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Mosaic (all ages)

Mosaic is a program that helps connect CIVS ideas, principles and methods with local communities. It helps CISV's vision be spread through more people and groups and brings new ideas and perspectives to the organization. Each project is a separate CISV experience that relates to local needs and interests and involves a different target group.

MosaicMosaic is a program that consists of projects with educational content, developed by local chapters worldwide. These projects empower individuals of change, reach out, and involve as many people as possible. Working with other like minded organizations is encouraged as it provides a way to work with people with similar goals and values.

Participants can include both CISVers and non CISVers. It does not have to be in a camp setting, as with many CISV programs, but can be designed according to the needs and abilities of the CISV chapter. In this way, the project can focus on different themes or issues relevant to our participants' daily lives, while having a unique CISV style experience.