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Selection Demystified!

The process of selection for our various programs is a mystery to many if not most of our members. Read on to find out more.

It’s that time of the year again - application and interview time at Brandywine Valley CISV!   As a 10 year member of CISV, 7 years on the Board and 4 years as chapter president, it is a time that fills me with excitement, anxiety and dread.  I am excited for the enthusiastic children that are applying for what may be their first CISV experience.  I am anxious that we won’t have enough applicants or too many for a program that we have been invited to.  Finally, I dread our chapter telling families that their children have not been selected for a program when we have an abundance of qualified children applying for the same program.  It’s this last feeling that I want to help our membership understand better.

As past-president now, having gained many perspectives as a board member, executive committee member, recruitement chair and, most importantly, a parent, I have put this article together below to help both our parents and our applicants understand selection better.


Janet Reynolds 

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