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Volunteer for our Step Up Camp in Lancaster

CISV Volunteers needed for our Step Up Camp in Lancaster - July 7 to 29

Hosting is one of the most important functions of our chapter, as it is through hosting that we gain invitations for our youth to participate in programs around the world. This summer, we will be hosting 36 14-year-olds from 9 countries, at a 3-week camp in Lancaster. 

Hosting requires lots of effort, and that effort is best spread among many people so as not to be overwhelming to any one person.  In addition, helping run the camp - you get to interact with kids from all over he world and you'll demonstrate to your own kids the value of contributing in the community. 

To volunteer, sign up here: SignupGenius.

Below is a brief description of the different areas where we need your help. Most people sign up for 3-4 slots, as the effort required for each is relatively minor. Areas where youth/JBers can help are denoted with an asterisk. 

Homestay Committee – Chair: Shawnette Brown

  • Recruit host families and arrange one homestay for Step Up delegates (July 7 to 9). Families needed for 9 delegations of four, and can be split up by gender. 
  • Collect forms for background checks to pass to Chapter Risk Management
  • Conduct Homestay training to supply all information, rules, and contact and emergency numbers
  • Arrange for airport pick-up and delivery of leaders to camp and youth to homestay (usually the homestay family).
  • Arrange transportation to get delegations back to the airport at the end of the camp
  • Assign someone to be the airport liaison on arrival to link the delegations with the homestay families (all day on July 7th)

Homestay Families

  • July 7-9 (Friday-Sunday): We need host families to pick up 9 delegations (4 delegates, age 14,  and 1 leader) from the airport, host the children for two nights, and deliver them to the camp site in Lancaster after dinner on Sunday (around 7 pm). 
  • Host families should specify the number of children they can accommodate, either 2 (same gender) or 4.  Host families will need background checks of all household members aged 18 or over (background checks are good for two years). 
  • *The goal of the home stay is for the children to take part in your family's normal weekend activities and for them to see and take part in our culture. Some fun activities include mini-golf, museums, swimming, the zoo, grocery stores, baseball games, movies, local attractions - anything your kids would enjoy!
  • Home stay families will be provided training before the youth arrive

Food Committee – Chair:  Deb Shryock

Coordinate additional food for Step Up other than what is provided by the Lancaster Mennonite School. This includes:

  • Plan and deliver meals for the staff and leaders the first weekend (14 adults).
  • *Plan and deliver dinner for all camp attendees (50 people) on three Friday nights. Meals are hoagies or pizza. Volunteers will be reimbursed for the cost of the food. 
  • *Obtain donations from members and businesses to supply snacks (roughly one snack per day for 50 people for 20 days).  Deliver snacks or coordinate delivery of snacks to the camp site.  
  • Arranging birthday cakes for any birthdays during the camp.

Laundry Committee - Chair: Janet Reynolds

  • *Volunteers gather at a laundromat in West Chester on Tuesday, July 18th to wash/dry/fold bedding as well as the delegates' and leaders’ laundry. (3 pm – 8 pm)
  • We need two volunteers to pick up the laundry at camp and bring it to the laundromat at the (Shoprite on Rt 3 – West Chester Pike by 3 pm. When the laundry is done, two volunteers will return the laundry.
  • Launder white bath towels - Saturdays (7/15 and 7/22) at the Clean Enterprises Laundromat, 1616 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602
  • Check with the Director for weekly laundry needs

Open Day - Chair: Elizabeth DeBaptiste

  • Work with Director and Planner to coordinate activities for Open Day, Sunday July 23 from 2-5 pm
  • Send invitations to chapter members and sponsors. (by early July)
  • *Provide light refreshments and beverages

Leaders’ Night Out - Chair: Bradford Rush

  • *Help entertain and feed the delegates while the leaders go out on the town on Friday July 21, 5 pm – 11 pm.  JBers can help, but we need a minimum of 5 adults
  • Drive the staff and leaders (14) to dinner and out on the town for Leader’s Night Out. Friday, July 21, 5 pm – 11 pm.  Pick up at the camp and drive into Lancaster.

Special Events / Excursions - Chair: Brandy Klenner

  • Coordinate arrangements, including transportation, for excursions away from the camp in conjunction with Director
  • There will be three excursions – a shopping trip (they can walk to shopping area), a swim day, and another trip.

Set-up (Chair: Jodi Knapp) and Clean-up (Chair: Michelle Shepherd)  Committees

  • *Set up (Saturday, July 8) and clean up (Saturday July 29) of the Step Up camp, using volunteers from the chapter, including JB members.  One adult must be present for every 3 JBers.
  • SetUp committee needs to check bedding beforehand to make sure there is enough (for 50 beds) and to purchase or obtain any replacements needed for sheets/blankets/pillows
  • Set Up includes meeting at the storage locker to load the vans/truck and driving to Lancaster to set up at the site
  • Clean-up is the reverse. Items must be taken back to the storage locker and arrangements made wash for anything that requires washing - sheets/blankets/pillows. 

Camp Photo - Chair: (TBD)

  • Coordinate with the Planner and Director to take the group photo   
  • Obtain USB sticks for the camp photos to go home with each participant (50) and 4x6 prints for the volunteer thank you cards

Health and Safety Committee - Chair: Pam Nagy

  • Work with Risk Manager to review and provide advice in all matters relating to CISV National’s safety and security issues pertaining to hosting the camp
  • Coordinate a list of Emergency Service providers close to the site (e.g., Pediatrician, dentist, ambulance, fire company) 
  • Prepare the First Aid box ahead of camp
  • Review the emergency list to make sure all numbers are valid and makes calls to ensure that dentists are able to see our kids (we use Urgent Care centers for medical issues) 
  • Review and update the notebook of directions to every place in our Emergency list. 
  • Do the intake on Sunday July 9 (head check for lice, review forms, and conduct medical review)

Transportation Committee - Chair (TBD)

  • Work with Planner, Director, and Homestay Coordinator to coordinate transportation required to and from airport (July 7 and 29)
  • Coordinate Volunteers to be runners during the camp to bring any camp needs
  • Coordinate Volunteers to drive leaders to the camp on July 7th evening
  • Coordinate Volunteers to drive leaders to the camp on July 7th evening
  • Coordinate Volunteers to drive delegations back to the airport at end of camp.

Camp Store Committee – Chair: Greg Marvon

  • Coordinate and procure merchandise for the Camp store
  • Stock store prior to camp start; pack up at the end of the Camp
  • Order any BV CISV logo stuff if necessary
  • Check periodically with camp Director to replenish stock
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