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Warm Weather Approaches! Time to Shop!

Scrip Orders Due February 26th

What:  Scrip is a fund raising program BV uses to sell gift cards from hundreds of retail chains - retailers you already patronize - that can be used in their stores or on-line at the retailer's web site, over many visits.  To place your order, determine the retailer names, the denomination of the cards offered, and quantity of each denomination you want.

How:  Place your order by email to Mark Shryock OR place a
repeating order with me (same address) which I will enter each month for you, based on the details you provide.

When:  By 9pm on the Sunday before the monthly meeting (unless a repeating order which I will place myself), in order to receive your order that week.

Where:  I will deliver the cards at the Monthly Meetings to you if you attend, or to your JBer before or after the Meeting.  Special deliveries can be made if requested in the order email that you send to me. Payment by check is preferred at the exchange (make check out to BV CISV).  Cash can be handled but it has to be the exact amount.

Why:  Each card purchased generates revenue directly to BV, there is no waiting.  So your purchase - for which you receive full value for what you spend - helps fund chapter activities and programs.

Clothing retailers offer some of the highest revenue opportunities to BV so please use Scrip cards to support BV while funding your birthday gift and warm weather clothing purchases.  Check out the "hundreds of retail chains" link above to download a list of participating retailers.